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There are a ton of articles around resume writing. This one is tailored for those interested in standing out for technology sales roles. Why? How many applicants are there to any one technology sales position? Dozens? In some areas, there may be hundreds of applicants for every position which means the hiring manager and staff receive multiple resumes each day. Where will your resume end up in this flurry of paper? It depends on how well you have created a stand out resume! In order to write the type of resume that will land you on the short list of potential applicants you need to understand a few basic principles.

Cover Letter

This is not always essential and rarely gets reviewed. Focus your attention on writing the resume.

Time is of the Essence

Hiring managers take their time very seriously, especially when it comes to reading resumes. Recent studies show managers will spend an average of six seconds per resume! In that fleeting moment of time they determine whether your application has garnered you a call back or file 13. What does this mean for you? In the first half of your resume, you need to grab the attention of the hiring manager, talent agency, or internal talent recruiter.

How do you grab attention? Start by highlighting your skills and experience and performance credentials. Lead with your experience in your current position even if it is not your longest term of employment. Recent experience in technology sales will be more important due to the rate of change in tech.

Wording – Make your resume relevant to the role

Can you keyword optimize your resume? Examples in technology sales include: Enterprise Software or SaaS, Cloud, Social Media, CRM, ERP, EPN, SDLC, ALM, Computer hardware, Networking. Look for words that will leap off the page and pertain to the technology sales position you are seeking. Make your resume relevant. When you are unsure about how to word your resume go to your “ideal company to work for” website and browse around. You will come up with relevant words related to the field based on your experience.

Things to Avoid

As with many things in life what you do not do can be just as important as what you do. This applies to resumes ten-fold! The goal is to be noticed, however not for creating a horrendous resume that instantly lands in the garbage.


One way many applicants attempt to catch attention is through the use of fonts. In some fields, this may work to your advantage, but not generally for technology related positions. HR managers want a resume that is easy to read and relevant, not something that shows off your creative nature. Ariel and Tahoma are the most acceptable fonts and you should stick to 10 or 12 point.

Personal Views

Personality in your resume is fine, personal views on the other hand are not. You may be tempted to list personal, political or religious views that line up with what you know about the CEO’s beliefs but this is a huge mistake. HR managers cannot hire you based on political, religious or any other personal preference and even if you are perfect for the position, they might pass on your resume to avoid looking like they gave preference based on those ideals.


Making your resume stand out from the crowd may seem like a daunting task, but with a little guidance and some patience, you will quickly find your resume on the top of every pile. Here is a brief summary of tips:

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Written by: Cathy Cairns

December 11, 2017

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Written by: Cathy Cairns

December 11, 2017