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Creating a professional brand using social media has become essential for differentiating yourself, and your employer, in competitive markets. Research has shown that customer’s progress 60% – 70% through their purchasing decision without engaging a sales team. According to Forbes, LinkedIn is the top social tool used by both hiring managers and job hunters. If you don’t have your prospects mindshare then someone else does. This becomes increasingly important in technology sales, regardless of your role, as change and innovation is constant and staying in front of it, means getting in front of it, by leveraging tools at your finger-tips like LinkedIn. It’s not just about your current employer’s brand, it is about your professional brand. Creating a unique, stand out, LinkedIn profile with industry relevant insights will lead to impactful and high yield rewards across the board.

Here’s a closer look at how you can bring in buyers and customers while ensuring that your profile stands out to potential employers.

Tips for Creating a Stand Out Profile

Most employers and recruiting agencies use LinkedIn to find top talent for open positions. Prospective and current clients leverage LinkedIn to review content/insights that demystifies complexity associated with buying choices and decisions. Here are some essential tips for creating a stand out profile.

Tip #1 – Create a Multimedia Profile – Plain text profiles can be boring, and potential customers and employers will quickly click away at big blocks of text. To make your LinkedIn profile stand out, consider creating a multimedia profile. With “Professional Portfolio” a LinkedIn feature, it’s possible to share links, photos, PDFs, presentations, videos, and more. Just adding a few visuals to your profile can increase its appeal.

Tip #2 – Include a Professional Photo – A professional photo of your face is essential. Remember, most people remember faces easier than they remember names. Creating your brand is letting people know who you are, so having a photo is key.

Tip #3 – Make the Summary Work for You – LinkedIn revamped the profile in 2012, adding the summary section. Make sure you make the most of that summary section. Think of your summary as your 30-90 second commercial. It’s time to make your pitch, grab the attention of your reader, and make them want to learn more about you. The summary gives you a chance to be creative, showing who you are and what you’re most passionate about. Make it interesting and personal, but don’t forget to highlight your key accomplishments.

Tip #4 – Ensure It’s SEO Friendly – Since LinkedIn functions as a search engine, it’s important to ensure your profile is SEO friendly. Use keywords throughout your profile, particularly in the Experience and Summary sections. Recruiters use industry-specific keywords when using Linkedin.

Tip #5 – Complete the Entire Profile – Don’t let any part of your profile fall between the cracks. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn says that profiles appear 40 times more in search results when they are complete. Having a complete profile includes:

Using Social Media to Appeal to Current B2B Buyers

Appealing to your prospective and current clients offers the interactivity and immediacy that buyers want, allowing you to drive quality leads, increase ROI, and improve customer engagement in real-time. Here are a few ways that social media marketing will help your business appeal to B2B buyers:

Engagement – Social media provides a way to put a human face on a business, which is essential, since even B2B buyers like to do business with people they know. Posting news, stories, and demonstrations can help you build trust with potential and current customers.

Thought Leadership – In many cases, social media offers your first chance to impress leads. Offering quality content helps convey your expertise and creditability.

Networking – While social media marketing doesn’t always lead you to your next B2B buyer, it’s still essential for networking. By building a great network, you may enjoy a great new lead.

Attribute and Interest Data – Using social media to appeal to current B2B buyers also offers you plenty of data that can give you great insight into buyer motivations and dynamics.

Relevance – More B2B companies are beginning to engage on social media, and participating keeps you looking relevant and in touch with current B2B buyers.

Becoming an Influencer in the Industry

Once you’ve branded yourself to appeal to clients and employers using your LinkedIn profile, make sure you use the status box to share latest industry news, post events, and update your connections on your own projects. The combination of your professional brand and the quality content you share is what will, without a doubt, make you an influencer in your industry.

Hope this helps you and feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or join us on Twitter.

Author: Senior Partner – Cathy Cairns

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Written by: Cathy Cairns

December 11, 2017

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Written by: Cathy Cairns

December 11, 2017